Pecar consulting – for businesses

Pecar Consulting provides quality-assured building and property development consultants for construction companies, property owners and municipalities throughout Sweden. Our consultants are an exact match for the expertise you need, so you get the right person for the job. Our consultants always undergo a validation process in which we assure the quality of their skills and take references. Our aim is to be your first choice on the market – a serious, reliable, long-term supplier of skilled building and property development consultants.

Examples of the expertise we offer

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Planning and design managers
  • Project managers
  • Installation coordinators
  • CAD experts (relational documents)
  • Energy specialists
  • Construction managers
  • Site managers
  • Foremen
  • Metrologists
  • Construction HSE coordinators
  • Inspectors
  • Surveyors

Advantages of Pecar Consulting

  • Save time – Pecar gives you one contact for all your consultancy needs. If you sign a non-binding blanket purchase contract, it is even quicker to get a consultant on site when you need one.
  • Quality-assured consultants – Pecar Consulting ensures that consultants have the right skills for the project, up-to-date certification and insurance, and that the insurance is valid throughout the project period.
  • A new consultant if yours is absent – If a consultant is on sick leave or absent for an extended time for any other reason, Pecar undertakes to supply a new one.