Approvus has trained inspection officers for many years and seen innumerable different inspection plans.

“We welcome the web-based tool Pecar E-plan with great interest,” says Roger Anneling of Approvus. Roger also explains that E-plan has the functionality that has been missing for a long time in terms of templates with carefully considered inspection points, dedication of inspection points to relevant planners and contractors, electronic signatures, traceability, the ability to upload different file formats, etc. “Digitised inspection plans will make a very valuable contribution to our training courses in the future.”


“I have tested and used Pecar E-plan. It is easy to use and you have directions right from the start. It’s very functional and easy to use. I used it when I drew up an inspection plan for a preschool in Åkersberga. All the points I needed were included in the big plan. All I had to do was select what I needed. When I am out on a visit, I take my tablet and enter the inspections I do. All the data is immediately in the right place. This means I have the date and signature for the inspection at the same time. This is a big help for me as I go to several places a day and don’t have to think about doing it when I get home.”

Erik Bomark, inspection officer.


Arne Andersson is an inspection officer and uses E-Plan in all his projects. Arne summarises the benefits of E-plan as follows:

  • The various inspection officer projects I have are all well-organised and orderly
  • Easy to work in
  • Similar approach to iBinder, for example
  • There are templates for inspiration
  • There is a slightly different level of development between contractors and building committee officers when it comes to working online