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Do you love your job but find it time-consuming and hard to locate sufficiently interesting and challenging projects? We can help you with this so that you can focus on what you do best. View available projects (in swedish)

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Pecar Consulting supplies consultants in the construction industry to everything from large construction and consultancy companies to property companies and house builders. Register on our consultants’ register today and let the work come to you.

Four advantages of Pecar Consulting

  • The work comes to you – By being registered with Pecar Consulting, you can think less about sales and focus more on doing projects.
  • Unique projects – Pecar Consulting has partnerships with major companies that usually do not contract with individual consultants or small consultancy firms.
  • Get paid on time – As you invoice Pecar Consulting and not the end client, we guarantee that you will be paid for your work on time.
  • Support and peace of mind – Pecar Consulting has affiliated experts in construction law who can support and help you in your work.

We also help large companies

Many consultancy firms have more projects than they can handle and may have to say no to new clients. There may also be times when a consultant is not fully occupied.

Pecar Consulting can help your consultancy firm even out the peaks and troughs. This means supplying consultants when demand is high and giving your consultants projects when they are underoccupied.

Contact Pecar Consulting’s head of sales, Joakim Ruchatz, for more information.

Find projects on social media

We publish many of our projects on LinkedIn and Facebook. You don’t need to be registered with Pecar to join our groups there. Click the icons to access our groups for consultants.