We erect modular buildings throughout Sweden

Pecar Property Development is unique in the project management for and erection of modular buildings. With our firmly established methods and ability to attract skilled people, we implement our projects fast and efficiently. For us, the keys to success are driven employees, a pleasant working environment and, not least, the right system support for our process.

Our system gives both us and our clients a real-time image of the project and a high-quality final delivery. We are used to communicating with municipalities and understand the municipal decision-making process.


Project management

Our project management methodology is the basis of our business concept:

To take overall responsibility for a contract and perform it fast and efficiently, with maximum quality. We give the right person the right information at the right time.

Our methodology consists of carefully designed IT support and constant improvements to internal procedures. The system gives clients full control over a project’s status, which generates peace of mind and confidence in the project. 

Having a user-friendly system also gives us a big advantage when recruiting new employees who we can quickly incorporate in our operations.

Know-how and experience

Our team consists of people from different sectors with the same passion for efficiency enhancement, sustainability and quality. Together we have many years of experience of the construction industry, project management, the IT industry and staff responsibility. This combination gives us the strength to work for positive development in the construction and property sector.


We focus on people in everything we do and value long-term relations, both internally and with municipalities and other partners. We firmly believe that a pleasant working environment creates the best conditions for successful working.

We work with manufacturers and contribute, with our inputs, to constant improvements in design, efficiency enhancement and delivery preparations.

Thanks to our wide network of contacts in the construction industry via our fellow subsidiary, Pecar Consulting, we are able to appoint professional, driven employees in all our projects and contribute expertise right from the planning phase.

Overall responsibility

Pecar assumes overall responsibility for the implementation of the project. Many things have to fall into place at the right time and laws and rules must be complied with. Our undertakings involve the following:

  • Draft a project plan
  • Hold construction meetings with the municipality and suppliers
  • Via the Swedish Tax Agency, prepare the site for ID06 compulsory ID and attendance reporting
  • Draft an HSE plan and submit it to the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Obtain all the documentation for the final inspection
  • Management of all public authority contacts
  • Construction HSE coordinators are part of our responsibility



Pecar not only manages the project. We assume overall responsibility on site. The following undertakings are examples we implement ourselves or manage implementation to quality-assure the end product. 

  • Prepare foundations and beams for modular buildings.
  • Site establishment.
  • Traffic plan with signs, barriers and access permits.
  • Planning of all logistics – coordination of material supplies.
  • Install the modules that are delivered from the works.
  • Site-built gable roof with insulation and roofing felt.
  • Order stairs and lifts. External and internal.
  • Book power supply for the property and for construction.
  • Adapt and install roof drainage.
  • Adapt and order kitchens. Coordinate installation.
  • Arrange for the property to be adapted for disabled use.
  • Install ventilation.
  • Build exterior walls at the end of modular construction.
  • Notes and documentation of adjustments.
  • Supply works certificates for the modules.
  • Book a fire inspector, ventilation inspection and acoustic engineer.
  • Coordination of locks, alarms, power and networks.

Final cleaning – prepare everything for the owner to move in.